Congratulations, you’re married!!! 

So, what now??

Once you receive your certified copy, only then can you start to change your name with Social Security and the BMV (DO NOT TAKE OR USE THE KEEPSAKE COPY).

Below are the links to all the information you will need and the forms you will need to print for each:

Social Security Name Change

DMV Name Change

Passport Info:

If you are heading on your Honeymoon right after the wedding, remember to travel with the name you booked your travel arrangements under because those with miss-matched names will not be accepted… Applications are in the link below for after you get home:

Passport Name Change

Other Items to change:

· Work Related Information 

· Insurance, tax information, health care, etc.

· Career Licenses/Certifications

· Credit Cards

· Utility Bills

· Bank Accounts

· Medical Records – Doctors’ Offices

· Post Office 

· Voter Registration

· Bank Accounts / Loans / Investment Accounts

· Mortgage Company / Landlord

· Life Insurance Policies – Auto/Health/Life (might be a good time to get that ring appraised & insured)

· Legal Documents

· Insurance Policies – Health – Life – Auto

· Any other memberships you may have